1. Concrete Pot with Bronze band – Neutral tones featuring banksia, pampas, fan palm, preserved ruscus, date plam, bunny tails, preserved lace fern, crows nest leaves and statice

Dimensions – Approx 50cm high & 40cm at widest point

Our Dried & Preserved feature naturally dried foliage, fillers & flowers and Preserved products and are all one off individual designs.

Trending right now & the must have in your home office, bathrooms, bedside tables, lounge rooms, hallways, anywhere really, so fun and modern and best of all, ever lasting!

All are made direct into a concrete or ceramic pot or vase, depending on what we have in stock at the time. This often determines which price range it falls into

Please keep an eye on our Insta stories as well for random one offs that just won’t make it to the website all the time!